Nannie tillyGeorge DanielGenevieve willowBoys blankets Sept 14

Girls blankets Sept 14

blankets multi

Grayson Henry Thomas William




jcb jonathan

Rainbow denim blue blanket Heart Blanket Daisy pillow blanketHattie hippo


adele poppy ollie owen jack

Blankets Tilly & Harriet Flowers

Bea Blanket

Lily Jae Blanket

Blanket Avery Camping

Blankets Izzie and hugo Tractor

3 thoughts on “Blankets.

  1. I would just like to say a big thank you Helen for the Beautiful Blankets you made for my Christmas presents. The children that they were for absolutely loved them. I will certaintly be using your services again.
    Thanks again

  2. The pink blanket with Adele on is my little girls which I ordered from jasmine crafts she absolutely loves it and has snuggles every day with it. Very warm and soft highly recommend as they make a wonderful keepsake.

    Thank you Helen

  3. I just wanted to say thank you so much for Max’s digger blanket. He loves it and I love it. It’s beautiful and something that will be treasured for a lot of years to come 🙂

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